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Who We Are

Susanne and Rodger Gregory - Owners of Good Health Vitamins - Your Online Canadian Vitamin Source

What separates Good Health Vitamins from the plethora of supplement stores existing in today's health conscious world? Simply put — WE GET IT! I found the perfect example of the WE GET IT perspective in the following excerpt from the “The Free Range Retailer”.

I learned a powerful lesson about influence today from a 15-year-old girl. My wife Lydia and I had just picked up a dog from the humane society. On the way home we stopped at a pet store to pick up some dog food, a dish and a leash. I'm figuring this stop will take eight minutes. That was before we met the store's teenaged employee — Tina.

“Anything in you're you’re looking for”, asks Tina? Lydia replied we'd we’d just picked up a dog from the SPCA and needed a few supplies. The teenager’s response? “Really? You adopted! That is so sweet. You know I'm working here because this is more than a job to me. I'm doing this because I love animals. So no matter where you buy your pet supplies from I want to make sure that we get all of your questions answered so that your little dog gets the best possible care.” I glance over at my wife and notice that she is looking at Tina with the kind of expression that says, “You-are-a-child-of-God-who-this-world-needs-more-of-and-of-course-we're-going-to-buy-all-of-our-pet-supplies-here-and-let's-not-even-discuss-anything-as-petty-as-price!” Fifty-eight minutes later I am pushing a cart out the door with over $200 worth of pet supplies. The dog was only $75.

Tina's earnest declaration that she was working at the pet store “because she loved animals”, demonstrated that she cared about something far greater than making a commission. She cared about the well being of her customer's pet. By expressing her Grand Intention she proved to her customer's that “she gets it”.

Much like Tina, my staff and I care about the health and well being of our customers. We aren't here to simply sell products — we want to help each and every one of our customers become as energetic and healthy as they can be. OUR GRAND INTENTION is to provide you with a personalized strategy to keep yourself in optimal health. There are no “cookie cutter” recommendations at Good Health Vitamins. I have always said that we are all as different on the inside as we are on the outside. That's why we are committed to helping you find solutions to your personal health concerns.

We are constantly updating and expanding our knowledge base by attending seminars and professional development courses. And here’s more good news—it’s not just our knowledge base we’re updating and expanding—it’s our store too! After a lengthy and extensive renovation (just ask my staff!) Good Health Vitamins is now Good Health Vitamins and Modern Tea Bar.

Why tea you ask? I’ve been a passionate tea drinker for years—for me nothing soothes and cheers quite like a good cup of tea. Thankfully science has confirmed that tea is as good for your body as it is for your soul. Recent research suggests tea is THE health-elixir for the 21st century. A plethora of studies have shown that regular tea consumption can help ward off everything from cancer to osteoporosis. NOW doesn’t adding a tea bar to a store called GOOD HEALTH VITAMINS seem like the most sensible thing I could have done? (Please just don’t ask my husband!) For me the tea bar is a natural extension of our supplement store—it’s a place, not dissimilar to this website—where you can pull up a chair, relax and enhance your well-being. So whether you are sipping one of our delicious chai lattes, shopping for supplements in person or perusing our website, I can guarantee you that the staff at Good Health Vitamins will do everything they can to enhance your experience—because, simply put—WE GET IT!


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